What We Offer?

"There's nothing remarkable about it. All one has to do is hit the right keys at the right time and the instrument plays itself."                                       --- Johann Sebastian Bach

Piano Lessons

Piano lesson structures including beginner, intermediate and advanced are catered to guarantee that students in different levels have the ability to gain their knowledge and enhance their skills they need to become the best musician they can. Our tutors will help you have a systemic study including sight reading, sight singing, aural skills, theory, practical keyboard techniques, musical history etc.

Pre-instrument Training For Early Students

3-4 students group class for under 6 years old children pre-instrument training. They will learn basic music theory, sight reading, singing, writing, beats, aural training including time, rhythm, pitch, melody and fun songs singing.

Violin Lessons

Similar to piano lessons, our violin lessons are conducted in the studio with one to one tutoring to enhance the students understanding of music and playing skills.

Cello Lessons

One on one cello lesson is provided for students from beginner to intermediate level. Cello posture, playing techniques and sight reading are taught to improve their performance ability.

Flute Lessons

One on one flute lessons are offered the training includes style, techniques, theories and concepts of the flute for students from beginner to advanced level.

Guzheng Lessons

One to one tutoring guzheng lessons are offered for students who are interested in playing a unique Chinese traditional string instrument.

Theroy Lessons

Theory lessons are focused on AMEB theory exams. We offer one to one or group lessons to achieve the best test results.

AMEB Exams

Our tutors will help students to prepare the exams from grade 1 to 8, AMusA and LMusA.

Piano Accompaniment

Some violin players maybe need piano accompaniment to take the exam. We offer accompaniment.

Studio Rental

Some beginners may have no piano. We also offer piano studio rental including grand and upright pianos.